Video Production for Business: All You Need to Know!

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Struggling to showcase your products uniquely in Philadelphia? It’s time to invest in product video production services. With more and more advancements in digital marketing strategies, product videos have proven to be the fastest and most effective strategy to increase sales. The statistical reports state that more than 60 percent of businesses worldwide have already adopted video content marketing for their products and services. So, if you still haven’t added video marketing as a part of your business strategies, you are lagging!

As an e-commerce business owner, you must perhaps be aware that the longer an online visitor spends time on your site, the chances of making a purchase increase. That said, it has been observed that shoppers spend more time on a page when there’s a product video. Thus, if you are looking for effective ways to increase your conversion rates, upgrading your website with product videos should be your ideal choice.

An Overview of Video Production

While Philadelphia Product Photography services can help you make a lasting first impression on your customers, video production services can take your business to the next level. But what does video production for business mean? In simple terms, video production refers to the process of creating a video. The video can represent an overview of your company, a demonstration of your products, a blog on your product range, a social video, or customer testimonials.

Videos have proved to be the most powerful medium for effectively demonstrating a concept and getting a response. They are not only helpful for businesses in spreading their brand awareness but also work like a magnet in attracting new business leads, eventually, increasing the sales rate. However, if creating product videos seem to be a daunting task for you or your team, hire a reliable product video production company in Philadelphia.

Steps in the Video Production Process

Whether you have an in-house team for creating videos or outsourced the best video production company in Philadelphia to handle your video marketing strategies, there are a few steps that complete the video production process. Note: The entire video production process can vary depending upon the content, effort, style, timeline, and budget. Take a look at the following phases of the process to have a better understanding of video production.

  1. Pre-Production

The first step in creating an effective product video lies in preparing and setting the groundwork. It’s essential to emphasize a few factors in this phase of video production. These factors include planning the video strategies, selecting a storyline, framing the project timeline, creating the script, deciding the shoot location, and gathering the required equipment.

Though the pre-production phase is carried out behind the scenes, it’s probably the most important part of creating a video that can help you accomplish your desired goals. It is in this phase that you can create a solid foundation to build your brand’s message.

  1. Production

This part of the product video production process is the actual video shoot. It is in this phase that all the raw materials for the final video are captured. Communicate with your producer about the specific visions, ideas, or visuals that you would want to be included in the final product video.

The production phase comprises services such as setting up the sound, lighting, or video equipment, conducting interviews, recording voiceovers if required, and capturing any extra video footage needed to support your product story.

  1. Post Production

After finishing off filming the product video, the post-production phase begins. In this phase of the video production process, the producer and editor carefully review all the video footage as well as translate all the interviews conducted. The after-services of every product video creation typically cover some of the essential components.

These include logging the interviews, outlining the final story, selecting the music, editing the video, looking into the reviews and approvals, and lastly, deciding upon the final delivery. To sum it up, the producer assembles the story whereas the video editor works toward bringing all the pieces together.

Reasons to Hire Video Production Services

What’s the need for implementing video marketing strategies? In this digital age, product video has become one of the most versatile and cost-effective digital marketing tools. To be more precise, here are some of the important reasons to hire video production services.

  • Boosts Sales – A product video can efficiently increase the sales conversions by 80 percent on your landing page. Regardless of your business category, video marketing can enhance the credibility of your products in the most powerful way.
  • Good Investment Return – A quality product video can bring about an excellent ROI. Not only that it can also increase your enthusiasm for your business.
  • Builds Trust – An impressive product video can help you build a strong relationship with your customers.
  • Improves Google Ranking – Uploading product videos can engage online visitors for a longer time on your site. It can significantly increase your rank on Google search engines.


Hope this guide has helped you understand how a product video can help you increase your sales! Philadelphia Product Photography is not enough to lead the market. You should also adopt product video production. But, hiring a professional video production company can be the best way to get amazing results.

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